Join us every Sunday for a day full of gaining merit. 

There are many ways to gain merit that can be summed up into three basic practices; generosity, keeping the 5 precepts, and meditation. Every Sunday we have the opportunity to participate in all 3 practices. We must try to achieve these practices so that we can continue to cultivate good deeds and merit into our lives. You are welcome to come anytime that is most convenient.


*Please note that for Alms Offering most people will be dressed in light colors (white) this helps to promote what we are trying to achieve which is internal brightness in the mind. 


Sunday Schedule
9:30 am Meditation
 10:30 am Observe 5 precepts, Food Offering ceremony, Blessing from Monks 
 10:45 am Alms Bowl Offering 
 11:00 am Morning Chanting 
 11:30 am Lunch 
 12:30 pm Small Group 


*Due to COVID19 we will meet for Sunday Small Group 12:30pm  remotely

until conditions improve via https://zoom.us/j/743087836 *

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